Want a Celebrity Smile? Consider Veneers

Nov 14, 2023
Want a Celebrity Smile? Consider Veneers
Think a perfect smile is only for those with their name on the marquee? Think again. The smile of your dreams is closer than you think with the help of veneers. Keep reading to learn more.

 Celebrities (for the most part) have perfect smiles — it almost seems to be a prerequisite to fame and fortune. 

But how did they get their dazzling grins? Was it genetics? The luck of the draw? Or do they simply have more time and money to spend on their oral health?

Perhaps it's a combination of factors, but the most important thing to know about “perfect” smiles is that they’re created more often than not. 

That means a red carpet-worthy smile is just as attainable for you as it is for the one-percenters, and we can do it faster and cheaper than you might think. 

Our team at Mamkin Dentistry Aesthetic & Restorative Center in Ridgewood, New York, is proud to offer our patients more than one way to get the smile of their dreams. One of our most popular cosmetic dentistry services is veneers. 

If you’ve never seen one before, veneers are thin shells made of porcelain or ceramic material that cover the visible portions of your teeth. We customize them to match the shade of your surrounding teeth and give you a seamless smile. 

In this blog, we highlight just a few of the ways veneers can elevate your smile to VIP status. 

Veneers fill in gaps and spaces

Some celebs rock a gap in their teeth and make it a fashion statement, but we know that’s hard to pull off for most. Not to mention, gaps can affect your bite and how you chew. 

Enter veneers. The thin shells slip onto prepared teeth and effectively fill in the gaps in your smile. 

Veneers erase stains

You’ll never catch the rich and famous sporting dirty, dingy anything, let alone a dull smile. But let’s face it: Teeth whitening is a battle when it comes to deep, set-in stains. Even a solid oral hygiene routine can’t completely remove stains and discoloration. 

That’s when you turn to veneers to brighten the exterior of your teeth and erase stains that don’t respond to your best teeth-whitening efforts. 

Bonus: Most veneers are stain-resistant, so you shouldn't have to worry about discoloration in the future. 

Veneers strengthen your teeth

A truly brilliant smile is a healthy one. Cracks, chips, and other damage can stem from teeth grinding, years of use, and poor dental hygiene, as well as falls, sports injuries, and auto accidents. When that’s the case, you need veneers to cover the weak spots in your smile and make it look better. 

Veneers give you a cohesive smile

Is your nearly perfect smile ruined by one or two uneven or unusually shaped teeth? Veneers can fix that. Sometimes, teeth wear down at different rates, causing them to turn out looking different than the rest. 

If you want a smile that looks uniform from top to bottom, veneers are one of the simplest ways to correct those minor imperfections. 

Veneers can correct alignment issues

Move over braces — there’s a new way to correct alignment issues. Veneers don’t correct the position of your teeth, but they can tweak slightly crooked teeth and make them appear straight. 

If you have severe alignment issues, we can discuss options like braces to correct them. 

Ready to leave your smile problems behind and step out how the celebs do? We’d love to talk with you about veneers. Call our friendly staff at 718-736-2785 or use our online booking tool to request a consultation today.